Srey Leak – A Young Cambodian Conservationist

My name Sovolak Laing .  I come from Phnom Penh city, I studied Tourism and Hospitality at Build Bright University.


I love nature, and was always interested in helping conservation in my country. Following my graduation, I heard about the Mondulikiri elephant & wildliife sanctuary conservation project.    When I saw all the animals enjoying a free life the LEAF conservation center & learned the purpose of the organization  & decided to apply as a full time project manager.

We have plans want to build a small veterinary clinic at our center, in order to assist wildlife in need of healthcare. We also want to set up a school outreach for Mondulkiri’s indigenous children. To teach children to respect & protect local forests and wildlife & stop illegal logging & burning our forest.

Our organization is also seeking to buy additional land in order to replanting a a new community food forest & expand the protected wildlife area & provide food & shelter for wild animals.

I really enjoy my job, as we get to help 6 amazing Cambodian elephants and other wild animals in our area, we helped create daily livelihoods for local Indigenous communities and protect & help replant local forest…

I think the future will be better if Khmer people learn how to love and care for wild animals instead of hunting them for personal wealth.

All this, makes my work with L.E.A.F very interesting  and I’m glad I decided to work here in beautiful Mondulkiri province.

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