Vanessa Young – New sanctuary volunteer:

My name is Vanessa and I’m from Scotland. I recently graduated from university where I studied Environmental Management. I love nature and wildlife so I was looking for somewhere that I can take part in something that helps with both. For me the LEAF project is perfect. They work with the local communities to educate and raise awareness of conservation. They also care for ex working elephants and give them the best care possible.

My real passion is animals and I am so happy to say that at the Sanctuary they really care for the elephants and animals like family. Spending time with the elephants it is clear that they want to provide the best care for the animals as possible and the elephants are all happy!

The two day tour was amazing. I did the first day with the elephants where we got to bathe and feed the elephants, and I fell in love!! The second day was the jungle trek where our guide showed us all the best waterfalls and told us about the local area. It was my favourite part of my travelling trip so far!! I am very lucky to have this opportunity.

I think the L.E.A.F Sanctuary can really make a difference and it is very important for the future of the elephants.

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