Volunteers location

My name is Melissa Moore. I am 22 years old from Canada. I believe I would be a great addition to the LEAF volunteer team because of my interest in nature and animals. In school I studied science with a focus in earth science. I grew up near the mountains loving the outdoors. I spend my free time hiking and exploring nature. It is my first time in Cambodia, and I´ve had the pleasure of exploring many jungles throughout the country. I began to learn more about the area and the negative impact of deforestation on the animals and the surrounding communities. Ive always been obsessed with animals. Ive worked professionally with dogs for over a year. Getting to interact with the elephants during my tour was truly a dream come true. At first you are intimidated by their size, but it quickly become obvious how intelligent and social these beautiful animals are. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to offer my time to improve their habitat.

I did the LEAF two day tour yesterday and had a wonderful time. After speaking with the staff and learning about what the sanctuary is doing for the animals, local people and the environment, I became very interested in volunteering. The staff told me about what LEAF has accomplished in 2 years of operation, through educating locals, rehabilitating animals and, offering tours to educate others and collect donations to the cause. By educating the locals on how to co-exist with the environment, they move towards a more sustainable way of living, that will protect many species of plants and animals in the future. But the part that inspired me is the amount of potential they all believe this foundation has. And with more support, they hope to continue to improve the sanctuary so they can maximize their positive influence on the environment and its inhabitants. I want to offer my time and effort to this sanctuary so that it can continue to pursue its full potential.

Thank you for your time,

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