Katie’s story:

My name is Katie Barnard, I’m 32 and from Western Australia. I have just spent 2 days at your Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary doing the trek and spending time with the Elephants.
I would love to offer my time and skills for 3 days to help support the LEAF community project and the staff in the village. Elephants are my absolute favorite animal and any opportunity to help care for and support the elephants and your project would be a privilege.
I think LEAF is doing a wonderful thing with the sanctuary and id like to help with continual improvement, raising awareness of your sanctuary through social media and offer ideas for potential funding programs to help grow this great project.
I have included one of my favourite pictures from my time at the Sanctuary.

Antje’s Story

I’m Antje, 28, originally from Germany but now living in the Netherlands. When I quit my job to visit Asia I knew immediately that I do not only want to travel but also do something good for the countries I visit. When I started my journey in Thailand I volunteered for 1 month at an elephant sanctuary which was hard work but also a lot of fun. When I heard about the L.E.A.F. project I decided to come visit and work here for a few days as well. Not only that elephants are my favorite animals and I therefore really care about them, I am also very enthusiastic about the project. I want to support its people with their daily tasks and also add something to the sanctuary – also using the experience I gained at the other center in Thailand. Having visited & spent 2 days in the sanctuary, meeting the elephants and trekking in the jungle I can’t wait to get back there and start working!