Danica, a volunteer from England

Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife SanctuaryI’m currently halfway through my time volunteering for L.E.A.F at the Sanctuary.

So far, I have witnessed nothing but care for the animals, from monkeys to elephants.  Also, L.E.A.F and the Sanctuaries involvement with the community and giving back.

I’ve been able to take part with the tours and have  learned so much about L.EA.F, the Sanctuary and all that they do.

The guides and staff are so friendly, they make you feel right at home and the food provided by the organisation is also amazing.

Getting up close and personal with the elephants is an amazing experience but knowing you are doing it with an organisation that is so far from greed, and are just about the care of the animals and helping the community.

From day one at the Sanctuary you too feel like you have given a small contribution to the organisation.

By Danica Vickery

Chris Emerson- Volunteer


Taking a well earned break

A massive thanks to my two guides Thom, Royce and the rest of the amazing staff who made the Mondulkiri Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary the highlight of my trip in Cambodia.

I spent 5 days here as a volunteer where one of my tasks was to plant fruit trees in areas that had been previously cleared of forest. This was the first stage in a 7 year process to restore the forest and help local wildlife.

I also helped in the construction of bamboo railings and pathways to provide safe access to the elephant pools.

In any free time we were able to feed the monkeys, build campfires, swim and become submerged in the local culture.

As well as volunteer work we also spent one day with the elephants and another day trekking through the jungle.

These were by far some of my best days in south east Asia.

Debz – New to L.E.A.F

Becoming the newest member of L.E.A.F and working on the Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary project, I feel both humble and so privileged.

To be able every day, to work on a project that helps elephants (and other wildlife), conservation and both the indigenous people and local community – is absolutely awesome.

To raise people’s awareness to L.E.A.F, it’s projects and aims for the future, for the growth of the Sanctuary and our elephants habitat.  I hope, that over time we are able to raise the funds necessary to acquire the additional land, for the elephants we plan to rescue and have roaming free.

I look forward to every opportunity to appreciate watching the elephants, eating and enjoying the freedom of roaming free… without barriers or restrictions.FB_IMG_1476225518374.jpg