Jamie’s Story

My name is Jamie Hood, I’m English, I am 18 years old and am travelling around Southeast Asia for my gap year. I raised the money to come travelling myself working as a waiter so I can deal with long hours of work without rest and I have also worked on a building site before that as a labourer. I have been travelling since the beginning of March through Vietnam and now in Cambodia.
I haven’t done any volunteering work on my travels because I haven’t yet had the opportunity, but after the two day tour I did with LEAF I am really eager to help out with your organisation to help with environment & the community, and most of all the lifestyle of elephants at the sanctuary.
I have always been interested in conservation work and have previously taken part in it in South Africa where I was most fascinated by the African elephants and their way of living.
I’m happy to volunteer until the evening of the 24th April I would be excited to do whatever work is required of me.

Histoire de Delphine:

Delphine, 31 ans, tapissiere d’ameublement, France

Je passe un mois au Cambodge pour visiter le pays.
Je souhaite favoriser l’ecotourisme, et apres avoir visituer le sanctuaire, j’ai envie apporter mon aide durant quelques jours, a votre projet.
J’espere que cette premiere experience de volontariat, m’incitera a m investir plus longtemps dans de tels projets.
Le probleme de la deforestation me touche particulierement et je serai ravie de participer au programme de replantation d’arbres.